Custom made Data Reels

We can make small to medium runs of data reels made to your specifications. Cable management made easy. Custom AC power reels are not offered due to UL/ETL registration and product liability issues. Call us to discuss your requirement or idea and we ‘ll try and help!

Custom_Reels_511d35795693c_200x200ALMARK Enterprises Inc. can assist you with your custom designed electric, data, or audio/video reel requirements. Reels can be custom designed to your specifications in a variety of cable configurations, with a large selection of termination options. Reels can be made for you with a variety of cable lengths (depending on thickness) and retraction forces, and colors to match your product. We can assist with design and prototypes through final production to assure that your unique requirements are met.

Call (610) 762-4390 or E-mail with inquiry.